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Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

Geo Thermal options provided by Hendricks Heating and Air Conditioning


Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

Drastic energy savings with this eco friendly system


Long term savings

Using ground water for heating and cooling your home is not new technology, but it has gained popularity with rising fuel prices. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that homes utilizing geothermal pumps cut back heating costs by up to 70%, quickly saving more than the initial cost of pump itself. The federal government also gives up to a 30% tax credit on the installed price of our heat pump system.

Bard Geothermal systems

Bard has built its reputation for quiet, comfortable and reliable heating and cooling systems since 1914, and innovative geothermal systems since 1981. Their modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment deliver consistent, quality products. Bard is the industry’s leading innovator of wall-mount air conditioning and heat pump technology.



Expert Installation

Choosing the right heat pump is the first step, but proper installation is just as critical. The energy efficiency of your heat pump depends greatly on how they are installed. Our team is highly trained to maximize performance of your heat pump through proper placement, sizing, connection, and configuration.