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Humidifiers & Indoor Air Quality

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Humidifiers & Indoor Air Quality

Condition and purify your home air quality with humidifier and filtration options



Heating your home dries out the air. The resulting dry air absorbs moisture from your body and everything inside your home causing irritation, discomfort, and damage to wooden elements like floors and trim. Low humidity environments also allow viruses to thrive increasing the likelihood for illness.

Maintaining the right humidity level throughout your home not only helps keep your nasal passages and airways healthy, it helps reduce colds and the flu. Even the common cold can be controlled with proper humidity. Optimal humidity can also help you stay warmer at cooler temperatures. That means you can lower your thermostat and save energy, thereby lowering your heating costs.

Control humidity levels with Aprilaire whole-home humidifier solutions.

electronic air cleaners

Traditional filters force air through dense materials to trap particles. Over time they become clogged and hamper airflow, which results in lower airflow and efficiency. But with AccuClean whole-home filtration, the unique design gives you long-lasting, consistent performance with the highest efficiency of any filtration system on the market. All so your family can enjoy cleaner air and higher comfort.

  • Removes up to 99.98 percent of allergens from the filtered air

  • Catches particles down to .1 micron in size

  • Eight times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance

  • 100 times more effective than a standard one-inch throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance

  • Delivers cleaner air and more of it

  • Reusable filter can be cleaned by vacuuming



Ultraviolet light air purifiers

UV air purifiers are a relatively new form of purification technology. These air purifiers are intended to improve the quality of your air tremendously by removing harmful contaminants using ultraviolet light rays to incinerate odor causing bacteria as it passes through.

Another pro for UV air purifiers is that they are more energy-efficient than standard filters. While traditional air purification systems have a constant flow of air to filter, an air purifier with UV light does not. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dust particles or bacteria collecting in or near the purifier. This cuts down the amount of energy needed for the technology to function and the risk of further contamination of the area if you neglect to change the filter. These ultraviolet air purification systems are also great for helping people who suffer from allergies, lung issues, or asthma.